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You’re not sure how it happened, but your office has become a digital black hole, swallowing out-dated equipment and outmoded cables with alarming ease. Every download proves slow, and every upload proves tedious. You spend most of your day battling connection speeds, and this is taking a toll on both production and morale.

Simon Caddy Electrical wants to help. This is why we offer commercial services throughout the Northern Suburbs, allowing employers and employees alike to achieve the results they deserve. Searching for an electrician in Gordon, or beyond? Contact us today.

Simon Caddy Electrical: About Us

Since 2002, Simon Caddy Electrical has served as the leading electricians in Gordon, and beyond. Our experienced team, which boasts Master Electrician Members, as well as 23713s certified supervisors and 236568c contractors, delivers premium support to every office. They combine technical prowess with a dedication to quality, and this ensures superior results for every client.

Looking for a commercial electrician in Gordon? Let us improve your office experience today. Contact us!?

Our Services

To become the leading commercial electricians in Sydney, Simon Caddy Electrical offers a variety of services. These include:

Data Cabling

Improve your transfer speeds. Let us install Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables throughout the office, ensuring seamless Ethernet and terminal connections.


Switchboards, as every electrician knows, don’t last forever. Let us ensure steadier power in your company by upgrading every circuit breaker, safety switch, and surge system.

Security Lighting

Protecting your office is essential. Let our leading electricians connect you with security lighting to ensure peace of mind.

Phone Systems

We understand that phones are business necessities. This is why we now offer installation and repair services for standard lines, PABXs, and VOIP.

Through these specialised services we deliver sterling results to every office.

24-Hour Support

Emergencies often happen beyond the 9 to 5 schedule. This is why Simon Caddy Electrical offers 24-hour service. Contact our electricians in Gordon and electricians at any time to receive the commercial help you need.

What is the Value of Choosing a Commercial Electrician?

Propelling your company past the competition demands more than a stellar product. You need equally stellar connection instead. By choosing us as your electrician, you can finally achieve those connections - increasing your overall productivity, connectivity, and networking. This allows you to better communicate with employees and clients alike, and it enables you to better divide your day among key tasks (as opposed to struggling with transfer speeds).

Searching for an Electrician in Gordon and Beyond? Contact Us!

As the leading commercial electricians in North Sydney, Simon Caddy Electrical delivers specialised services and 24-hour support. This allows us to fully address your office needs. To learn more, contact us today.